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Brainstorming: Prefabs

Note: We implemented Prefab mode in version 1.4.0. Please download the latest version of Vanda Engine from here

We decided to start creating a prefab system in VE.

Here’s our idea for creating prefabs: Modern prefabs.
Each prefab may consist of geometries and geometry instances, lights, cameras, physics actors, LODs, materials, skeletons, waters, particles, etc.
Vanda Engine will support two modes: Prefab mode and VScene mode. In prefab mode, you can create modern prefabs. In VScene mode, you can create your levels based on these prefabs.

So to create a prefab, you should enable prefab mode in VE (New | Prefab), import your base external scene in COLLADA format, import up to 2 LODs, import physics colliders for it or generate its colliders inside the editor, change its materials (normal map, alpha map, etc) change the properties of geometries (face culling, etc) and save it as a prefab.

After creating the prefabs, you should enable VScene mode (New | VScene) and create your level with the prefabs using drag and drop method (translation, rotation, and scaling of the prefabs will be supported as well). If you make any changes to the instances of the prefabs, those instances will be marked as  “dirty” and if you update your prefab, those “dirty” instances of that prefab won’t be updated.

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