Why donate?

Several years ago, we asked a famous engineer to send us a book about OpenGL for free (we hadn’t enough money to buy that book) and he sent the book. It was the beginning of our journey…

We are a small group working on a new free game engine and employing 3D artists to write tutorials about new subjects such as exporting from 3D tools to COLLADA format. Sometimes they work for 1 month to find a correct method to export to COLLADA format and write a tutorial to share their experience. It’s costly for us to hire 3D artists and publish these tutorials — Almost 50 dollars per tutorial if you need exact information. We work hard to test some features that a few people have tested before and publish tutorials that you can’t find on other websites.

All of our income comes from advertisements and donations. However, it’s not even sufficient to pay the annual expenses of our web hosting. Due to our low income, we aren’t able to make 3D models such as default character which are critical for developing our game engine. Many people may not feel that they have enough to give to help , but every amount, even a small donation, can help bring about a large change.
If you can’t donate money, you can still help our team:

    • Spread the world about Vanda Engine by sharing our contents
    • Write tutorials
    • Make 3D models

Thank you for your valuable support…

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