When I started game engine development, many thought it was impossible for one person to build a game engine. But I proved that I could build a game engine with an old computer without a budget. Of course, there is still a lot of work to be done.

Vanda Engine is a free and open source game engine for 3D games and real time interactive 3D on Windows. It’s a long time that I’m working on this game engine. I have used these languages to develop Vanda Engine: MFC, OpenGL, PhysX, COLLADA DOM, Lua, OpenAL, Minizip and several other APIs.

At the beginning, I made Vanda engine to import COLLADA files. Website of Vanda Engine is full of tutorials about exporting to dae format. It was an educational software. Then I decided to extend the software and add more features to it – terrain, 3D sounds, scene manager, physics, etc etc. Source code of this engine is available for download and helps students and other enthusiast to use those codes for free in their projects

Your donations help me buy required software and books, pay the expenses of website domain and hosting and hire people to write educational tutorials. After donating, please email and let me know your transaction details so I can thank you for your donation.

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