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Does Vanda Engine import different elements of a COLLADA file?

Vanda Engine interprets each COLLADA file as an external scene. Each external scene contains cameras, lights, instanced geometries, skeletal animations, curves, animations and so on. Vanda Engine imports static and dynamic cameras, static and dynamic lights, static and dynamic instanced geometries, and skeletal animations including their animation clips.

Why Vanda Engine does not read normal, gloss and dirt maps?

1.Vanda Engine uses simple naming conventions to load extra textures. For more information regarding the naming conventions, please refer to this section. 2. Make sure that your maps are beside the diffuse texture. 3. Texture dimensions should be power of 2.

How can I export my scenes from my 3D tool to COLLADA format?

First of all, make sure that your 3D tool supports COLLADA format. Secondly, read the reference manual of your 3D tool regarding the COLLADA exporter. Finally, read the Vanda Engine tutorials about exporting the scenes from different 3D tools to COLLADA format.

Is my 3D tool compatible with Vanda Engine?

Vanda Engine is compatible with any 3D tool capable of exporting to COLLADA format. We have tested and verified that Vanda Engine supports 3ds Max, Maya, Blender, Cinema 4D, Sketchup and AC3D.