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Vanda Engine 1.9.1 for Windows XP and higher 

  1. Please locate the installer and double click to open.
  2.  Authorize the installer.
  3. Read the instructions to setup Vanda Engine.
  4. Enjoy!

1. Software implementation of OpenAL using openal-soft instead of hardware implementation. This fixed the bugs of OpenAL hardware implementation

2. 3D sound volume (See Insert > 3D Sound)

3. Global sound volume (See Modify > Current VScene Properties dialog)

3. New scripting APIs:

//the following APIs are valid for both ambient and 3D sounds. Note that ambient sound files are stereo (2 channels) and 3D sound files are mono (1 channel)

– SetSoundVolume(string soundName, float volume)
– SetSoundPitch(string soundName, float pitch)
– SetSoundPlay(string soundName, bool play)
– SetSoundLoop(string soundName, bool loop)

– GetSoundVolume(string soundName)
– GetSoundPitch(string soundName)
– GetSoundPlay(string soundName)
– GetSoundLoop(string soundName)

//the following APIs are only valid for 3D sounds

– SetSoundPosition(string soundName, float x, float y, float z)
– SetSoundRollOff(string soundName, float rollOff)
– SetSoundReferenceDistance(string soundName, float distance)
– SetSoundMaxDistance(string soundName, float maxDistance)

– GetSoundPosition(string soundName)
– GetSoundRollOff(string soundName)
– GetSoundReferenceDistance(string soundName)
– GetSoundMaxDistance(string soundName)

//APIs to set and get global sound volume at runtime
– SetGlobalSoundVolume(float volume)
– GetGlobalSoundVolume()

4. Bug fixes and other enhancements

How to compile the source code:

Compiling the source code

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