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Tutorial 1: Exporting from 3ds Max to COLLADA Format with OpenCOLLADA

In This tutorial, we explain OpenCOLLADA options for 3ds Max in detail.


Tutorial 2: Animating Cameras in 3ds Max and exporting to COLLADA

In this tutorial, we’ll show you how to animate a camera inside 3ds Max and export it to Vanda Engine.


Tutorial 3: Apply multiple materials to a geometry with Slate Material Editor and exporting to COLLADA

This tutorial will help you assign multiple, distinct materials to a single geometry in 3ds Max, export the geometry to COLLADA format, and select the geometry based on its materials in editor of Vanda Engine.


Tutorial 4: Animating along a path in 3ds Max and exporting to COLLADA

In this tutorial, I show you how to animate objects in 3ds Max using path constraints, bake keys, and export the animation to COLLADA format with OpenCOLLADA.


Tutorial 5: Animating A Sci-Fi Door Model In 3ds Max and Exporting To COLLADA Format

In this tutorial, I open a sci-fi 3D door model in 3ds Max, split its meshes into 2 meshes, animate its door mesh, bake the keyframes, and export the result to COLLADA format with OpenCollada to be used in Vanda Engine or other game engines.

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