Tutorial 1: An Overview To Common Compressed Texture Formats

In this tutorial, we introduce texture compression methods which dramatically boosts the game performance and reduces loading time and the amount of memory required to store the textures.


Tutorial 2: How To Remove White Pixels That Appear Around The Visible Blocks Of Your Texture

Have you ever noticed white lines around the edges of your texture? In this tutorial we use Solidify B filter for Adobe Photoshop to fix this issue.


Tutorial 3: Using batch processing to change the file format of images in Photoshop

In this tutorial, I explain how to use batch processing in Photoshop to convert the format of multiple images to DDS.


Tutorial 4: How To Create DuDv Map For Water Refraction With Photoshop And TGAToDUDV Tool

Du/Dv is a derivative of normal map and is usually used for water refraction. In this tutorial, we create a base texture with Photoshop filters, save it as TGA, and generate a Du/Dv map from our TGA file with TGAToDUDV utility.


Tutorial 5: How To Export Your Image As Compressed DDS File In Gimp With Gimp-dds Plugin

In this tutorial, we use a free plugin for Gimp called gimp-dds to export the images to a compressed dds files.